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About Michelle Marques Cosmetics

Our story began over ten years ago with a work specifically developed to combat Stretch Marks, improving the look and appearance of them. Our treatment consists of techniques based on micropuntura and stimulation, promoting cellular regeneration that occurs from inside to outside of the skin and provides visible results since for the first session.

The search for full satisfaction of our patients has taken us to an enhancement of the treatment technique and the experience has led us to the development of a Cosmetics Line working fully and effectively.

All this turned into a dream, coming true in a goal: "to provide welfare and security to the women of Brazil and the world!"  

We carry out this dream by brand Michelle Marques adding knowledge, high standard of quality, advanced technology and Care to our Customers!


Our products prioritize aesthetic solutions and the well being of women. We provide our customers the assurance of a quality product that promotes cellular regeneration beyond a layer of protection and a good feeling on the skin!







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