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Thinking of skin with stretch marks, extremely dry skins in body regions with easy Transepidermal Water Loss (TEWL) we have developed:

Two Innovative Cosmetics

Below check out the First Results after 90 days of application


Cream for Stretch Marks - 150g   


Developed thinking on the need for women to have a quality product and to act as an aid in reducing the appearance of stretch marks, we created the Cream for Stretch Marks of Body Care line. Its continued use softens their appearance promoting a cellular renewal superficial, restoring brightness and intact skin characteristics.


Cream for Stretch Marks Michelle Marques

Preventive Cream for Stretch Marks - 150g   

With wetting properties, the Preventive Cream for Stretch Marks comes with the purpose of replacing daily skin causing the loss of vitamins excessive dryness caused by external and internal agents. Its continued use of renewing epithelial tissue promoting a sense of well moisturized skin, thus restoring its natural elasticity, decreasing the chances of the appearance of stretch marks.


Preventive Cream for Stretch Marks Miche

Among the actions of its components and benefits we can mention:   


- Because they possess osmotic effect (the water flow is done from outside to inside and from inside to outside), diffuse in the outer layers of the stratum corneum, which is the outermost layer of the skin and is capable of breaking hydrogen deposits that can block the penetration of external substances;

- Our formulation has ingredients that are capable of combining moisture agents with the existing water in the tissue, allowing the moisturizing of inner layers of the epidermis;

- They are capable of absorbing and retaining water in the epidermal tissue

Proven moisturizing effect due to being highly hygroscopic, allowing great absorption and water retention of epidermal cells;

Keratolytic effect that is the help of penetration of other ingredients added the skin, breaking the skin permeability barrier (selective ease of penetration, hindrance or difficulty absorbing certain external substances);

- They have Regenerator and Protective action when the product is used daily against aggressors that promote skin dryness;

- They are an excellent emollient, in other words, gives the skin a thin protective layer that protects its from water loss preserving its elasticity. They have high nutritional value for all skin types. Contains glycosides, minerals and vitamins and are rich in proteins;

- Anti-inflammatory, healing;

- They have a combination of retinol (vitamin A pure) and palmitic acid. They are effective as an antioxidant and skin cells regulator. Promoting renewal of the surface layers of the skin.



See the first results after 90 days of application of the Cream for Stretch Marks

Results after 90 days of application without interruptions

Results after 45 and 90 days of application without interruption

Lumbar sacral and Buttocks 90 days of application

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