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Preventive Cream for Stretch Marks Michelle Marques - 150 g

Preventive Cream for Stretch Marks Michelle Marques - 150 g

  • Intensive and Daily Skin Hydration
  • Acts in reducing the appearance and preventing stretch marks through assets that moisturize and bring more flexibility to the skin

  • Promotes superficial cell renewal, bringing more shine and smoothness to the skin

  • It has no smell and contains no urea. It is dermatologically tested and ideal for pregnant women

  • Retains the skin's natural moisture forming a protective film. Intensive hydration. Dermatologically tested. Proven clinical effectiveness. Prevents stretch marks

  • Details

    With moisturizing properties, Stretch Mark Preventive Cream comes with the purpose of daily restoring to the skin the loss of vitamins that cause excessive dryness caused by external and internal agents. Its continuous use renews the epithelial tissue promoting a feeling of very well hydrated skin, thus returning its natural elasticity, reducing the chances of the appearance of stretch marks.

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