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Research development of the Preventive Cream and Treatment Cream for Stretch Marks

Learn how we got two quality products!!!

Do you know why you have Stretch Marks?


Bringing products to market is challenging, however, put them in an appropriate manner with the need and specific indications is guarantee of success.


The ethnic and racial composition of society is the result of a confluence of people from many different ethnic backgrounds: the original indigenous peoples, Africans, the Portuguese colonizers and subsequent immigration waves of European, Arab and Japanese, and other Asian peoples and south American countries. We note, however, that racial mixtures (ethnic) when it comes to skin properties can generate various dermatological disorders. We, however, we will stick to Stretch Marks.


One of these disorders, also responsible for the origin of the stretch marks is the Transepidermal Water Loss (TEWL) and has been studied by us deeper. It is the amount of lost water vapor through the skin under non-sweating conditions. It has been observed that most women due to hormonal and metabolic issues suffer from this loss of water, making the skin more dry and less supple, and they are thus subject and prone to having stretch marks during:


-  The process of initial physical development (after first menarche);

-  During pregnancy;

-  Weight cycling effect;

-  In physical activities often taking the body to a hypertrophy (fast muscle development).


The outermost layer of skin, called the stratum corneum or keratin layer, contains many layers of dead cells that acts as protective, but also prevent the penetration of some substances, commonly found in cosmetic moisturizing creams. So that in most cases, we apply creams and continue with the feeling of dry skin or just momentary moisturizing.


Michelle Marques Tratamento para Estrias
Michelle Marques Cosméticos para Estrias
Michelle Marques Tratamento para Estrias
Our goal with Cosmetics for Strech Marks


Delaying the Transepidermal Water Loss (TEWL), because that way the oils present in this skin layer (epidermis) help to keep moisture from the deeper layers, keeping the skin texture smooth and supple Naturally.

So moisturize from the outside in is positive, but cause the body to maintain its natural moisturizing is effective and necessary for effective prevention of Strech Marks.


To bar the Transepidermal Water Loss (TEWL), we need products with high level of moisture and its formulation, in addition to moisturizing compounds, substances that need to be able to stop the TEWL, thus keeping moisturized skin for a long period. We must also be aware of the Cutaneous Permeability  thatis the selective ease of penetration, impediment or difficulty of absorption of certain external substances!


" Therefore, to be an excellent product for moisture and skin renewal is not enough to have only a high rate of collagen and proteins. If the product is not targeted and appropriate for the type of skin with stretch marks and/or with a tendency to them, observing their environment and constitution, its benefits and actions will be compromised! "

Michelle Marques Cosméticos para Estrias
Michelle Marques Tratamento para Estrias
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